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Scientific innovation and artistic creation are the result of creative inspiration.  

Research at La Source aux Etoiles involves finding new pathways to emergence underpinned by Consciousness. 

Caroline Gupta's energetic approach involves creating favourable conditions for inducing Consciousness in our body, in order to rebalance our entire human functioning (physical, energetic, intellectual, emotional and spiritual).  

On our natural site, we develop an environmental approach based on the energy that governs the balance between living beings, beyond conventional functioning  ecosystems.


Meditation based on observing sensations, called Vipassana in the indian tradition,  allows us to connect with the manifestations of life in an increasingly subtle way. 

We can thus slowly begin to access the energy that activates matter, and then Consciousness. 

Consciousness is the impersonal, unitary and universal dimension which underlies world coherence from the infinitely big to the infinitely small. 



Consciousness and creative Emergence 


 Vibratory ecology

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